Analytics Technologien

We believe that the success of leading e-business companies is no longer decided by market influence or capitalization, but by analytics technologies. The ability to innovate and the way in which the company advances its own transformation processes are essential.

Specifically, we think of two steps:

Efficient integration and integration of advanced online technologies (a / b Testing, Test & Target). Professional management of this technology in the enterprise. Our consultants are happy to help you with these steps.

Adobe SiteCatalyst is the flagship of the online business optimization platform. The software provides real-time actionable data about your online strategy and marketing campaigns. With Adobe SiteCatalyst, you can quickly identify the most profitable paths on your website, where visitors want to "get off", which pages will produce the best results, and how different groups of visitors behave. By analyzing this information, the efficiency of your marketing and sales campaigns can be significantly increased.

SiteCatalyst offers you:

Real-time data to make timely decisions. All Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in a Convenient Dashboard Automatic alerts when a KPI exceeds or falls below a critical limit. Advanced capabilities to measure, analyze and optimize user-generated content (UGC) performance, rich media - such as online video and social networking

With Adobe Test & Target, it's now easy to directly convey more relevant messages to your online visitors, increasing customer loyalty. With Test & Target you can quickly test different variants for design, content, navigation and promotional campaigns on your website. Then make different marketing offers, products and content available on the respective target groups on your website. Increase your conversion rate by focusing on the specific interests of your visitors each visit.

Test & Target offers speed, control and automation

Speed ​​- Get directly from the hypothesis to the answer - Elaborate intermediate steps are eliminated. You can start with your test scenarios without much preparation. Because the tests are so easy to use thanks to the user-friendly interface of Test & Target, you can test much more often. It's a numbers game: the more variations you test, the more precise you can pinpoint what the best solution for your site's success is.

Control - As I said, the time-consuming investigations are gone. The same people working on test cases or marketing ideas can do the test immediately. This significantly simplifies and accelerates online marketing.

Automation - Choose your best "recipes" and let Test & Target optimize traffic.

Further functions of Test & Target

A / B and multivariate tests - test which experiences or elements improve the result. Automated forecasts - Targeted offers are tailored to the interests of the respective visitor. Landing Pages Optimization - Identify which landing pages work best and which elements of the landing page really matter. Segment targeting - target the content to different groups of visitors based on your marketing experts. Easy implementation - you can configure Test & Target in a few hours, or with very little involvement from IT staff. Complete overview - Offline data can be passed to our real-time targeting engine for added relevance.

Google Analytics makes it easy to turn pageviews into sales. And when you connect Analytics to other Google products like Adwords, AdSense, Website Optimizer, and Webmaster Tools, you can gain valuable insights into various marketing activities.

Advertising ROI

Measure the success of your advertising efforts - ads and ads ads for new media advertising and offline campaigns.

Cross-channel tracking and multimedia tracking

Compare your site usage metrics with industry-standard averages, and capture Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications.

Visualization of data

Recognize trends and patterns using functions such as funnel visualization, motion charts, and mappings, and perform various comparisons.

Custom reports

Build only the reports, dashboards, and segments that are most useful to your business.

Communication and information sharing

Use administrator controls and email reports to share data throughout your organization.

Privacy and reliability

Google Analytics is one of a number of related products, all of which run on Google's same world-renowned infrastructure.

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